Build a Better Business With Accreditation

Set yourself apart by establishing professional standards


Accreditation will walk you through the steps of writing and executing a clear business plan with the help of a business coach and members who will guide and hold you accountable.

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Accreditation provides you with the foundations for building a rock-solid business.

Business Planning

  • Mission Statement
  • 5-year Plan
  • Sample Contracts
  • Business Registration

Financial Planning

  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Sample Budget
  • Estimating Proceedures

Safety Planning

  • Safety Program
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Safety Manuals
  • Risk Management Resources

Training Process

  • Training Processes
  • Employee Roles
  • Trade Best Practices
  • Employee Handbook

A Simple Plan for Real Business Results


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Our PCA Contractor Members are truly some of the best craftspeople in the industry, but building a solid business in alignment with industry standards and proven business practices is difficult to figure out on your own, not to mention the time commitment which requires valuable time away from working on your business.

PCA Accreditation walks you through developing standard operating procedures with the help of experts, templates, and guides.

During the course of accreditation you will complete courses and workshops to produce business building materials like your mission statement, business plan, cashflow projections, safety plans, and training procedures to set your business on a steady course for success.

At the end of accreditation you will submit the paperwork that will serve as the foundation for your business strategy avoiding the relentless grind of running your business from behind the eight ball.

Accreditation Starts Here

$199 Two Years

$ 99 Two Year Renewal


Here's what Ryan & Dani Turry said about accreditation:

“Through the PCA we were able to learn how other people are growing and operating their businesses. Our clients love to know we’re a part of something that holds us to standards and practices.”