PCA Ambassador Program

The Painting Contractors Association has been a steadfast organization since 1884, since which we have assisted contractors all over the United States and Canada in creating efficient, massively profitable, and committed businesses.

We are proud to provide resources to our members through online and in person efforts to encourage startups and companies with well over $1M in annual revenue alike with the tools to advance to their next level.

By partnering with PCA in our Ambassador program, you are provided with a unique opportunity to join the painting industry's top purveyor of excellence in a symbiotic relationship that is sure to benefit you, us, and the greater public of painting contractors.

What does a PCA Ambassador do?

  • Promote in-person and virtual PCA Events,
  • Mention PCA & its initiatives in your personal content such as: Social Media, Podcasts, or Live Video,
  • Engage in the PaintED Facebook Group,
  • Re-share the official EXPO event on Facebook, and help promote the event,
  • Be available to speak* at PCA Events.
  • Engage in quarterly meetings with PCA staff,
  • Leverage media kits for major campaigns,
  • Promote PCA at your local events and speaking engagements,
  • Engage in, or promote the formation of a local PCA Gathering Group.


Content created as part of the PCA Ambassador Program will remain open for PCA to reproduce and distribute as desired, with proper attribution.

If you're interested in becoming a PCA Ambassador, please fill out the form below.