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Chris Moore Bio

Chris Moore is the founder of Elite Business Advisors. After spending over a decade in the painting industry himself, he is now focusing full time on helping other painting contractors grow their businesses.

Chris came into the industry at age 19 through a non-traditional  perspective of learning how to run a business first and then working on the art & science of the painting projects themselves. This helped him always stay focused on finding better ways to grow the business, increase the efficiency of projects, and improve the customer experience all while providing a quality paint job to his customers. He started Elite Business Advisors after realizing that his passion was more in entrepreneurship and helping other business owners succeed instead of painting itself.

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Workshop Information

To help residential painting contractors take a 360 look at all aspects of their business and to improve those areas inhibiting desired results.

To provide an interactive educational environment for the attendee’s to leave with actionable items they can implement into their business that same day.

Chris Moore and PCA want to  connect and work with local reps or contractors to bring a Business 360 Workshop event to their area(s).

To learn more about underwriter costs and benefits, download the attached PDF.

If you would like to bring this event to your area, contact Marsha Bass, or call 314.900.2013.

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