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The PCA education center is the core of our association. We bring you educational videos and live webinars from established contractors and business owners from around the world to help you gain the business and technical training you need as a business owner in the painting industry.

Drop in and take a course or sign up to attend a webinar. Resources are constantly being added. Select from the offerings below to get started.

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Join us as we interview industry experts on how to build stronger businesses in this weekly series of podcasts. We'll provide actionable strategies and advice to apply in growing your business, from techniques and best practices to managing contracts and building estimates.

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Trade Best Practice Series

To educate the next generation of painters, we’ve teamed up with Benjamin Moore & Co. to develop the Trade Best Practice Series, a series of videos and classroom curriculum offered at no cost to trade schools, high schools, community colleges and to-work programs.

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PCA members have access to over 500 training videos, research, best practices and proven strategies to grow, sustain and support your business. Not a member? Not a problem. Preview these courses for free!


FREE Resources Available


For professionals and homeowners alike, Nick Slavik partners with PCA each Friday to answer questions live on our Facebook page. Enjoy a range of guest speakers and industry insights. Post your questions and be a part of the live learning time and conversation. 

Check out the PCA Facebook page every Friday for the most recent epsiode of Ask-a-Painter with Nick Slavik

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