Do You Specialize?

Whether your business focus is new commercial projects, or total rehabs of historic homes, PCA's Forums provide additional support and networking. Each Forum gives you greater opportunities to refine your craft and gain valuable industry insight into what others are doing around the country. Contact information for each Forum is provided below.

PCA Residential Forum

The PCA Residential Forum is a peer-driven national platform for all residential painting contractors, offering inspiration, education and support. We provide the resources needed to run a successful company by sharing relevant information on how to improve upon your current operating systems. Whether you have 4 painters or 40 painters, there is always information to be shared and learned. 

Contact: Anthony Kozak
Phone: 716-844-8174

PCA Craftsmanship Forum

The PCA Craftsmanship Forum is dedicated to the promotion of the painting trade through “Excellence in Craftsmanship”. This is accomplished by defining and assessing the skill standards for a Master Painter and developing standard operating procedures. The Forum is a platform for PCA Contractors to discuss craftsmen issues and techniques and to inspire the next generation of painting craftsmen.

Contact: Judi Ricci
Phone: 954-214-4447

PCA Commercial Forum

The Commercial Forum is the place to find the best opportunities for education, networking, and best practices for commercial painting contractors. Network with peers and industry partners, attend educational seminars and most of all, build relationships for years to come! 

Contact: Jon Dryfhout
Phone: (519) 637-0606