How to Renew your Membership

This guide is designed to detail the steps to renewing your PCA membership.

Monthly and Quarterly memberships

The steps below are for yearly memberships. If you are on a monthly or quarterly installment plan, contact us at, or use our contact form and we will take care of the renewal process for you.

You can choose to pay your dues by debit or credit card, or even by check.

Contact Us

Annual memberships

Step 1: Visit our login page to access your account. If you do not remember your password, select “Forgot Password” to generate a new one. If you do not receive an email with your password, contact us at or use our contact form, and we will verify your email address and generate a new password for you.

Step 2: Once you’re signed in, you should see an error message asking you to log in or become a member.

Error message - logged out user

This message is displayed when a user is either logged out, or doesn’t have an active membership with the PCA.

To purchase an annual membership, select “become a PCA member”. You will be redirected to our memberships page where you can select the plan priced at $399.00, for “PCA Contractor Member”.

Join Now - annual membership

Step 3.a: If you were not able to log into your account or do not have one, a form will be displayed on the next screen asking you to fill out information about yourself, create a password, and enter your payment information to begin your PCA membership.

Join Now - sign up form

Step 3.b: If you are renewing your membership using your existing account, you’ll only be prompted with a payment form.

Join now - payment form

If you choose Credit Card / Debit Card, your payment information will be processed right away and you can instantly enjoy all the resources PCA has to offer.

If you choose the Check option, you will be presented with instructions to mail in your check. Please note, your membership will be approved only after we receive your payment.

Step 4: That’s it!

Once a member, you will be automatically redirected to your very own User Dashboard where you’ll find quick links to our most popular resources, including: free training programs for your employees, over 600+ hours of content through PCA Overdrive, discounts on the PCA store and on products and services through our Industry Partners, and more!

Member Dashboard

Please note: If you pay through a debit or credit card, you no longer need to worry about entering that information upon your next renewal, as it should happen automatically. For any questions or concerns, you can contact us at