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We believe in honoring your desire to receive top-quality professional development from an association committed to helping you grow your business. By getting to know PCA and learning how tools can be custom-fit to your needs, you are taking the next step in evolving as a business owner and taking the lead in a competitive market.

PCA Logo Package

The standards and guidelines contained in this design guide have been developed to ensure the proper and consistent use of PCA’s official logo. These standards safeguard the visual representation of our association’s brand identity. When used consistently, our logo helps link our local, national and international communities by presenting one common image to our members, to the consumer, and to the entire painting industry.

This guide explains the proper use and display of the PCA logo within the association’s overall branding strategy. PCA’s approved logo will be the only acceptable logo for use on any and all correspondence, stationery, marketing material, publications, website etc. created by anyone associated with PCA. Do not distort the image. When in doubt of use, please contact our team to help review and align your collateral (support@pcapainted.org).

Use of the PCA logo is restricted to individual members as given permission by the association’s national headquarters.

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A new marketing resource for PCA members is now available! The PCA "Hire a Contractor You Can Trust" brochure is designed for PCA member businesses to print off and hand out to their prospects and customers to explain why they should consider hiring PCA member companies that adhere to the highest of industry standards and ethics.

Give them a try, consider printing off 50 brochures and handing them out with your estimates. We believe they'll help your bids stand out from the rest!

Download the PCA "Hire a Contractor You Can Trust" brochure ›