Content Production Specialist

Andrew Couch


I grew up next to my twin sister Abigail, in the small town of Jamestown, Missouri. Country living provided the opportunity for two options, watch movies or run through the woods pretending to be in a movie. After working with my dad and grandpa in the construction business, I was saddled with a new found small town work ethic, and the creativity of a bored kid in the woods.

I worked quickly to put myself on the path of a creative storyteller.  Upon graduating high school I enrolled into the Electronic Arts program at Missouri State University. During my time in college I worked on a wide array of projects ranging from music projects to a children’s show. Shortly after graduating, I landed a full-time audio operator job at KOLR10, the TV station I had previously been part-time at. Everyday before work, I would write original stories, honing in on my writing skills and exercising my creative muscle.

Fast forward a year, I accepted the Content Production Specialist position with PCA, and moved to St. Louis. A position fit for a creative mind and a heart for the trades industry, I feel passionately about the work PCA is doing, present and future.