Content Production Assistant

Erica Green


Growing up, I was a shy kid from south city Saint Louis. That later changed, and I transformed into a social girl with a big personality. I went from not talking at all to talking nonstop!

Being that talking is the thing I am most good at, I knew that my career had to involve that. During my time at Saint Louis Community College, I pursued a career in radio. When I transferred to Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, I broadened my aspirations to podcasts and video production. During my time at SIUE, I worked on numerous projects including creating and running my school’s newspapers’ podcast, starting my own podcast with friends, and helping to create a podcast as a part of an undergraduate research project. To date, I’ve created and ran a total of 5 podcasts from start to finish. In addition, I have produced and directed segments for Global Village, SIUE’s campus TV Show. I have also produced and directed music videos and have had the opportunity to interview radio personalities, business owners and musical artists. I consider myself to be a person that wears many hats, but one thing was missing. Editing.

Fast forward to 2021, a little over a year after graduation, I was blessed with the opportunity at PCA, I get to do everything I love: podcasts, videos and I get to sharpen my video editing skills. I am honored to be a part of PCA and to be able to help with producing amazing content such as the PaintED Show and ZK Live.