Member Experience Manager

Marcie Haselden


My business career started in the telecommunications industry where I worked in support roles for industry giants, Worldcom and SAVVIS Communication. In my off time, I discovered my creative side and immersed myself into photography. It didn’t take long before my weekends were filled with paid shoots, which is when I decided to take a stab at entrepreneurship as a professional photographer. I spent the first part of my photography career as a family portrait photographer in St. Louis, MO. It was an honor to document the lives of so many families, but I dreamed of shooting fashion models and decided to move to sunny Southern California. It was there, in Los Angeles, that I would work for the biggest modeling agencies in the country. I found my niche! I was honored to win the Award of Excellence at a local art gallery for an artistic photograph series I created, and have my work featured on Project Runway. After a fun and enriching decade in Southern California, I longed to be near my son and decided to move back to St. Louis.

When I saw the ad for PCA, I felt called to the position. I was a member of an organization much like PCA that helped me as an entrepreneur. I understand from first hand experience how challenging entrepreneurship can be and have a tremendous amount of respect for those that take on business ownership. Nothing makes me happier than hearing the unique stories of PCA members, and learning new ways to support our members. I’m passionate about what we are creating at PCA and look forward to supporting our contractors into the future.