Executive Director

Nigel Costolloe

Email: ncostolloe@pcapainted.org

Father, husband, business owner, volunteer leader, PCA Chair – I suspect all of the former have helped considerably in my current role as Executive Director and steward of this venerable and storied association. What resonates most for me about the women and men who make up the membership of PCA is the consistent and recurring theme of bootstrapping – business owners who have built reputations, careers, and provided for employees and their communities due not to advantages offered by Ivy league educations, MBAs or  inherited wealth, but have started with an idea, and patiently, often painfully, built a business brick by brick, year by year, weathering all the challenges that entrepreneurship offers. I am proud to have been given this extraordinary opportunity to steer this association, and excited to help direct its energy and focus toward supporting the key elements of business success – building a pipeline of new trained and prepared talent into our industry via PCA Apprenticeship.