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What began as a father’s dream for producing high quality paint has turned into a family business, now 4 generations strong. In 1925, Francesco Di Maria established the Giuseppe Di Maria (GDM) paint factory in Palermo, Sicily. His zeal for painting led him to develop products that were easy to apply and long lasting – but it was his strong work-ethic and commitment to his customers that led to the company’s growth throughout Italy and around the world.

Members of the Di Maria family still continue his work proudly, while upholding those same values. Di Maria’s Paint Factory products are the fruit of continuous research and an unwavering commitment to bringing safer, smarter paints into every building and living environment.

We do have over 2500 products in our catalog, but we’d like to start with two products line for the USA and Canada marketplace. The Bisaten ™ Thermo-Paint and the Elio Collection ™ One Step Faux paint.

The cornerstone of GDM’s success is their unique formulations to provide high quality consumer focused solutions and their manufacturing processes. To create the Bisaten ™ we have partnered with 3M™ to improve upon our patent pending thermal property line to provide a unique, effective solution for consumers. This unique product was developed over 20 years of research and results done by 3M labs show an average energy saving of 15-26% depends the region.

Primary Product Attributes for Bisaten ™:

  • It provides a thermal barrier that prevents heating and cooling loss through walls and ceilings.
  • Kills existing mold and prevents mold & mildew from re-forming
  • Prevents condensation
  • Stain & odor blocking
  • Antimicrobial
  • Scrub resistant and extremely durable.
  • Zero VOC – Water Base

We are excited to show you the product and tell you more about the thermal properties and formulation. Please let me know if we can have an opportunity to do a call to discuss further.

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