Award Winner: Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors

Alpine Painting’s new customer was looking for a technically competent contractor to help them complete the specialized surface preparation and coatings application this project called for. The oil rig was found a mile out at sea which definitely called for a unique approach to this job. One of the main concerns was salt contamination removal and proper surface preparation. Luckily for the client, Alpine Painting is one of the few contractors that had experience in the type of work required to complete this project. Proper planning was very important when it came to ensuring this job met expected standards and timelines for recoating a deep-draft offshore oil platform. The crew was outfitted with protective equipment that would protect them from the 40,000-psi waterjet required for removal of loose rust, mill scale and coatings. Access was a challenge all around during this job. Whether it was access to fuel and other materials required shipping via a two-hour ride by barge, or reaching the structures underside. Safety was another concern for the painters. The top decks were protected by a guardrail as well as the suspended platform. The biggest risk came when climbing over the top deck’s railing and down the steps to the platform below. Safety boats were available at all times. The client was left with an amazing job that had exceeded expectations. Congratulations to Alpine Painting and Sandblasting contractors, your work has earned you the 2018 PCA PIPP Award for Industrial Exterior.

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Industrial Exterior 2018 Award