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Our Commitment

Everyone needs effective and affordable health insurance. PCA is bringing cutting edge technology, transparency, choice and affordable coverage to our members.

You will find insurance plans for your business to help attract and retain the best employees.

Members Receive

Access to plans from all the major carriers, local providers, and unique offerings like Health Benefits Alliance, MEC/MVP Plans, Level-Funded Plans and Expected Benefit Plans.

User-friendly quoting technology platform that provides pricing in seconds instead of days for health benefits.

As a member, you have free access to licensed healthcare consultants to assist you with plan design and selection.

You also get the ability to track rates during the year so there are no surprises at renewal.

Plans also include free value-adds like prescription discounts, free telehealth, personal financial consulting, an employee assistance program and more.

Medical Coverage

PCA Healthcare

Key features of the plans include affordable health plans for any employees (hourly, salary, PT, FT)

• Monthly family plans for under $1,000 per month
• Fully ACA compliant Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans
• $0 Deductibles in and out of network
• Use any doctor
• Use any hospital
• Full and Part-time employees are eligible
• No minimum employer contribution requirement
• Offer multiple plan options

Employees can enroll in benefits in 1-3 minutes on their cell phone, computer or any smart device.

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About PCA Health Offering: Steve Wilson 773-203-6104

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