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The Mission Of PCA


Paint contracting can feel like a lonely profession. Growth can be painful and working against cut-rate competition makes it difficult to charge what you're worth.

Painting Contractors Association is dedicated to the success of painting contractors by maintaining industry standards, providing best in-class education, and building a community of like-minded peers.

We are on a mission to bring together the best and the brightest so that we can elevate the trade and our lives together.

Traits Of A PCA Contractor

  • Skillful
  • Honorable
  • Ethical

PCA Contractors Commit To

  • Live by the PCA Industry Standards
  • Serve the customer with integrity
  • Develop the next generation of painters

About PCA

From the very beginning, PCA has been dedicated to solving the problems faced by painting contractors. As early as 1884, Master House Painters found community together in an effort to remedy a defective apprentice system, to solve problems created by misuse of appropriate materials, and to assure the public of the "skill, honorable reputation, and probity" of master painters.

Today that legacy lives on as PCA is the only official trade association dedicated to the success of more than 300,000 painting contractors in the US and Canada. Through apprenticeship and business education, community, and the seal of the industry standards we are committed to the principles set forth by our predecessors to raise the skill, reputation, and ethics of our industry.

By becoming a PCA Contractor, you join a community of like-minded peers dedicated to building each other up and holding one another accountable so that we can all achieve more together.


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