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What’s Holding Your Business Back

How to Figure Out What’s Holding Your Business Back

Growing a business can be challenging, and sometimes, what you think you need isn’t really what you need.…

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Handy Products

3 simple principles that every professional painting contractor should consider

Prior to joining the supplier side of the paint industry, I was part-owner of a successful painting company…

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Keeping Great Subcontractors

Finding and Keeping Great Subcontractors

Finding reliable subcontractors can be tough, but we’ve got you covered. This week, we’re breaking down how to…

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Keep Top Talent

Keep Top Talent with a Win-Win Bonus Program

Having difficulty keeping top performers in your contracting business? Setup a bonus structure based on performance! Boy that…

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Thumbnail Blog Scope of Work

How to Manage Scope of Work Changes in Your Contracting Business

As a service contractor, you have probably seen this a thousand times! You have done all your diligence…

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Blog Thumbnail Mistakes

The Number One Mistake New Painting Contractors Make: Underpricing

In the world of painting contracting, a common pitfall awaits new entrants: underpricing. This critical issue not only…

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PaintCare Welcomes Maryland as Its 13th Paint Stewardship Program!

Households and businesses across Maryland will soon be able to recycle their leftover paint thanks to a new…

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Eco- Friendly Solutions and Practices

Sustainability in Industrial Painting: Eco- Friendly Solutions and Practices

Industrial painting plays a crucial role across various industries, from protecting massive steel structures in factories to coating…

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Expo Super Bowl

The Super Bowl of the Painting Industry: PCA EXPO 2024

PCA Chairman of the Board and Painting Industry maverick, Nick Slavik has more wisdom regarding the trade than…

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