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How to Estimate and Bid a Paint Job | BEHR PRO

To thrive in today’s competitive paint market, many paint contractors recognize that success depends on more than a…

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brushstrokes of success

Brushstrokes of Success: The Value of Reviews for Painting Professionals in 2024

The painting contractor industry, like many others, is standing face to face with rising inflation and growing overhead…

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PaintScout Blog Featured Image

Top Painting Companies Don’t Guess on Pricing

A Guide to Estimation Using Production Rates When asked to estimate a painting project for your business, do…

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Touch-Up Wall Paint

When to Touch-Up Wall Paint or Repaint | BEHR PRO

Touch-up Whether you’re a paint contractor, facility manager or property owner, few things are as satisfying as a…

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Job estimate best practices

Job Estimate Best Practices Checklist

Did you forget something while preparing your estimate? This checklist will help you make sure everything is in…

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Cyber Attackers Are Targeting Small Businesses. Here Are Nine Ways to Protect Yours.

Consider this scenario… You receive a message on Facebook Messenger from a customer.  The customer states that they…

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Classico Limewash Fireplace

4 Ways to Paint Outdated Stone.

Homeowners are looking for ways to update their homes and painting stone can create curb appeal and tie…

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Illinois Paintcare State

New Illinois Law Creates Statewide Paint Recycling Program

July 31, 2023 – Households and businesses across Illinois will soon be able to recycle their leftover paint…

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BEHR Dynasty interior Paint

BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint Reviews | BEHR PRO

When it comes to Behr Paint Company’s interior paint product lineup, BEHR DYNASTY® Interior Paint delivers on all…

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