Business Accelerator

Next Group Starts Feb 15

Getting past the 500K - 1M revenue threshold can be challenging for many companies.

Professionalize and fast-track your growth with Business Accelerator.

  • Seven week online intensive
  • Each module features videos of four to six experts in their field
  • Action items and downloadable resources
  • Peer to peer engagement
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with business professionals

This course consists of 6 online modules. You'll receive one module per week after the weekly cohort meeting with your peers which lasts one hour. During this hour, a subject matter expert will join to answer your questions. You will receive your first online course link after the first introductory cohort meeting.

Please note: This course is non-refundable. You'll have access to the online modules indefinitely.


  • Business Owner Mindset
  • Vision, Values, Strategy
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations
  • Leadership

The next group starts February 15 at 11:30 AM Central

The seven-week course is $975. Your registration with payment reserves your seat and is non-refundable.

7 seats available (February Group)

Mark Woolum

Destiny Painting

The best thing about this course in my opinion is the clear roadmap forward to professionalization. I have not had much time for implementation because we are wrapping up exteriors. However, I am excited to re work these courses when things slow down a bit this winter and the value of the roadmap provided is a great one.

The biggest thing I would communicate to someone looking to take this course is that each week you are going to get information overload, and just because its a course that covers topics for that 1 week, each course could easily have several weeks worth of "homework" that could come out of it If you are serious about doing the work that is presented. 

Brett Guerts

Top Tier Pro Painting

It helped me think of my business more from the perspective of Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant. I think this mindset is unique in our industry but important for proper growth.

Travis Contreras

Paint Ops

The course truly is a roadmap. It is an in depth vision and implementation guide. This course can and will help now and in the future. 

Tyler Monroe

Empire Painting Professionals

It has organized the plan for the future by providing goals, do to lists, and action plans. Overall I have a vision for my business that was not present before the course. And I'm confident I have clear actions steps to get there.

I believe the structured course and weekly engagement is an absolute deal breaker to break through business plateaus.

Fred Hamilton

Hamilton Painting

If you’re looking to take the next steps towards growth and you don’t know where to start, this is a good tool because it gives a you an overview on every different aspect you need to be thinking about during your journey, if not immediately then definitely eventually, and it breaks them up into small digestible chunks that are easy to understand.