PCA Industry Standards

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PCA developed its Industry Standards to make the painting industry transparent to both painting contractors and consumers.

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Industry Standards Book

The PCA Industry Standards

  • Provide the measure by which the quality of wall coating work can be evaluated by the consumer.
  • Protect the contractor by establishing limits on the extent and verifiable uniformity of a project.
  • Protect the consumer by requiring work that is free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations of coating applications.
  • Save contractors time and money when used and referenced in painting work bids and contracts.

The Standards discuss a range of issues that commonly become the subject of misunderstandings, or in extreme cases, contract disputes and provide guidance for both the contractor and the layman concerning how such differences can best be avoided.

All participants in the architectural, engineering, design, construction, and painting & wall-covering industry benefit from the use and circulation of the PCA Industry Standards. All consumers benefit from the use of PCA Standards by those they contract with, to provide best value for their painting and decorating expenditures.


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