2023 Speaker bureau

PCA speakers come direct from the coatings industry and can speak with authority and expertise on an array of topics and themes that are both resonant and impactful – they can identify with the endless and often overwhelming challenges of ownership while delivering effective and immediate lessons that can improve every owner’s bottom line.

Benji Carlson

Benji Carlson

Benji Carlson is a skilled Assessment Specialist at Breakthrough Academy (BTA) and a talented co-host of their Contractor Evolution podcast. In his position at BTA, Benji has shown a talent for distilling large volumes of data to get to the bottom of a problem, allowing contractors to focus on their business. He has evaluated over 1,000 trades businesses and assisted them in reaching their full potential.

Benji's expertise in the coatings industry covers a wide range of topics, including the following:

  • Recruiting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Systems
  • Onboarding & Training

To learn more about Benji Carlson, download the attached PDF.

Bill Silverman

Bill Silverman

Bill Silverman is the owner of Springboard Business Coaching. Before founding his company, he worked for 25 years in high management positions at companies such as Marriott and CIGNA. Bill has used his experience running large corporations to guide his customers in their commercial endeavors. He specializes in working with owners of seven-figure contracting companies to help them expand their enterprises, maximize their revenue, and prosper in a more balanced atmosphere.

Bill specializes in several aspects of running a successful contracting business, including:

  • Creating a Company That Can Thrive Without You
  • How to Develop Self-Sufficient, Empowered Managers
  • Ensuring the Success of Your Business Improvements
  • Multiplying Your Happiness to Build a Better Business

To learn more about Bill Silverman, download the attached PDF.

Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis has worked with over 450 franchised and independent painting contractors in six countries and has developed a passion for assisting business owners in realizing their goals through the use of specific tools and systems, as well as group and one-on-one mentoring.

Brandon enjoys speaking on various topics to provide guidance to others in the industry, thanks to his impressive experience and past:

  • Unique Marketing Strategies That Work
  • The Most Successful Sales Strategy Any Painter Can Learn
  • How To Double Your Money on Every Job
  • Hiring and Managing Estimators Effectively

To learn more about Brandon Lewis, download the attached PDF.

Brandon Pierpont

Brandon Pierpont

Brandon Pierpont is the founder and owner of Painter Marketing Pros, and has years of experience with digital marketing. Brandon aims to use his knowledge to help business owners scale their business and achieve financial freedom.

Brandon has expertise in a variety of subjects that include:

  • Paid Advertisements
  • Creating 5-Star Reviews
  • Sales Methods
  • Mentality

To learn more about Brandon Pierpont, download the attached PDF.

Chris Moore Headshot

Chris Moore

Chris Moore is the founder of Elite Business Advisors and host of the Elite Business Advice Podcast. Chris has over a decade of painting industry experience and has used all of his knowledge to transition and focus full-time on supporting other painting contractors to grow their businesses. During his time as a painting contractor, his innovative business approach allowed him to keep focused on finding new methods to grow the business, boost project efficiency, and improve the customer experience while also providing a quality paint job to his customers. Following his entrepreneurial journey, he founded Elite Business Advisors in 2018 to help other business owners achieve success through business coaching and mentoring.

Chris is an expert in a number of business areas in the painting industry, including:

  • Financial Growth and Job Costing
  • Organic/Relationship Marketing
  • Estimating and Sales
  • Recruiting, Apprenticeship, and Retention
  • Social Media Branding
  • Tech Trends For Painters

To learn more about Chris Moore, download the attached PDF.

Corrie Leister

Corrie Leister

Corrie Leister is the founder, owner, and artist at Inspired By U, where her mission is to create the greatest positive impact on homeowners, the DIY community, furniture artists, and the professionals with hopes to add value to their business.

Corrie has expertise in a variety of subjects including:

  • Creating a Culture of Excellence
  • Think Like an Entrepreneur
  • Running A Woman-Owned Business in a Male Dominated

To learn more about Corrie Leister, download the attached PDF.

Garrett Martell

Garrett Martell

Garrett Martell is the Owner of Two Day Painting and Exterior Painting Pros, as well as a partner at ZK Painting and ZK Finishing School and a Tradesfix Strategic Consultant. Garrett has a lot of expertise and success in growing and scaling his businesses as a result of his involvement.

Garrett will talk on a variety of themes including:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management

To learn more about Garrett Martell, download the attached PDF.

Jason Paris

Jason Paris

Jason is the founder of Paris Painting, and operates his business at the board level while spending most of his time investing in and scaling painting businesses through Aleph Holdings, investing in the development and building of multi-housing real estate, and volunteeting with PCA.

Jason will talk on a variety of themes including:

  • Failing Forward
  • Millenial Culture
  • Spreadsheets
  • Time Crunch

To learn more about Jason Paris, download the attached PDF.

Juan Vasquez Headshot

Juan Vasquez

Juan Vasquez presents in Spanish, or English and Spanish for bilingual audiences. He is a lively communicator who is passionate about educating his fellow Hispanic painting contractors.

Juan will talk on a variety of themes including:

  • Client Communications
  • Bidding Processes
  • Customer Relationships

To learn more about Juan Vasquez, download the attached PDF.

Nick Slavik

Nick Slavik

Nick Slavik has been a main contributor to the painting industry for over three decades. Over the last five years, his company has received more than 15 national honors for craftsmanship. He's also a member of the "This Old House" family, where he contributes craft-related material. He is heavily active in the painting industry's professionalization. As a result, he has developed one of the most comprehensive educational pieces in the areas of estimating, production management, hiring, budgeting, marketing, financial systems, processes, SOPs, and leadership, which he has shared with business owners and craftspeople across the United States through his Master Classes.

Nick will speak on his extensive experience in the painting industry that has led to him becoming a master in a variety of industry-related subjects, including the following:

  • Modern Apprenticeship
  • Job Costing & Industry Benchmarks
  • Building a World-Class Leadership Team
  • Cabinet and Trim Finishing

To learn more about Nick Slavik, download the attached PDF.

Stacey Spears

Stacey Spear

Stacey Spear is the owner and founder of S&S Painting, LLC, and has been a PCA member for over ten years. She is dedicated to giving every one of her clients a wonderful stress-free experience.

Stacey will speak on her expertise in sales and project management including the following:

  • Fully Training Unskilled People in Three Months,
  • Women in the Painting Business

To learn more about Stacey Spear, download the attached PDF.

Torlando Hakes

Torlando hakes

Torlando Hakes, author and CEO, started his first painting company during the Great Recession with very little to work with. He learned that the true measure of freedom of business is being engaged in your business and making a difference in the lives of people.

In his book Sprint, he explains how to implement a simple production framework that will revolutionize your business as well as your life.

Torlando will speak on his experience as a business owner including the following topics:

  • Sprint: How To Structure Your Team & Manage Production For Maximum Profits
  • Value Based Estimating: How To Estimate Using The Novel Production Point System For Higher Profits & More Productive Crews
  • Onsite Leadership: How To Train & Lead Your Crews For Consistent Profit Margins

To learn more about Torlando Hakes, download the attached PDF.

The cost to book a PCA speaker is $4,000 (each).

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