Nick Slavik’s Master Class

One Day Event

Nick Slavik

Nick Slavik is the Proprietor of the Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. and Host of Ask a Painter Live.

Ask a Painter Live has aired weekly for almost 6 years, instructing, answering questions and championing the trades as an avenue for freedom. His company employs +25 people, leadership team and operates a full scale finishing shop.

Nick has traveled the US hosting Master Classes for business owners and Craftspeople. He has created one of the most in depth educational pieces in the areas of estimating, production management, hiring, budgeting, marketing, financial systems, processes, SOP’s and leadership.

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Nick Slavik

Nick has been a craftsman for more than 25 years. His company has been awarded more than 5 National awards for craftsmanship over the last 3 years, including massive restorations of victorian mansions. He has created a rigorous Apprenticeship program where he finds, trains, inspires and mentors young people in his craft. He is also a family member at This Old House, where he contributes content about his craft.

Master Class Information

Topics to Choose From

  • Job Costing - Industry Benchmarks
  • Cabinet and Trim Finishing
  • Apprenticeship - Recruiting
  • Estimating
  • Professional Business Basics
  • SOP’s, Job Descriptions, Handbook, Review System, etc.
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