Business Legacy

Create a lasting, legacy business.

PCA is offering the Legacy series, at no cost, to all members and non-members alike.

The Legacy Series is a key part, and the culmination, of the overall PCA Business Training. This course covers the fundamental components of growing and scaling your painting business. The Legacy Series features leaders in the industry who share their stories and personal experiences that led to creating lasting, legacy businesses. Each of the four profiles covers three primary areas:

  • Business Background & Storytelling: Learners will hear stories of how the legacy business owners built their businesses, along with key learning and challenges along the way.
  • Keys to Success: Legacy business owners share the areas they identify as having been foundational to their success. In this section, they cover 2-4 key areas and the impact of those areas on their business growth.
  • Advice: In the final section, legacy business owners share their advice for business owners who are looking to grow and establish legacy businesses.

Legacy Speakers

What's Included?

  • 4 Videos

  • 17 Modules

Topics Covered

  • Background

  • Growth

  • Culture

  • Success

  • Selling the Business


We extend our gratitude to Sherwin-Williams, exclusive supporter of PCA Business Training.