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nicejob choose crm

How to Choose A CRM For Your Small Business

Have you seen a large surge in business and are struggling with managing your customer data and interactions?…

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What If Fast-Formulas for Profit Forecasting

What If: Fast-Formulas for Profit Forecasting

In the dynamic world of business, profitability is the ultimate goal. As a business owner or manager, you…

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Service Legend blog

Why Painting Businesses Fail at Digital Marketing

Marketing is a critical aspect for businesses across all industries, but it’s particularly essential for painting businesses that…

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Angi Why Blog

There’s a New “Kid” in Town: Why Millennials Matter in Home Improvement

As time passes by, demographics change, and the world evolves, businesses must adapt to stay relevant and successful.…

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Paint Recycling Made Easy for Painting Contractors

Paint Recycling Made Easy for Painting Contractors

PaintCare is the nonprofit organization that plans and operates paint stewardship programs in states that pass the paint…

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Painter Training

Implementing Painter Training

Painting is a skill that requires practice and repetition in order to become proficient. For professional painting contractors,…

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Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads for Painters: Get Google Guaranteed!

You are probably familiar with the concept of paying for leads. On paper, it’s a great business model…

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Win Big With Contractor Rewards

3M has established a partnership with Contractor Rewards to recognize the exceptional performance of its customer base. This…

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women in paint

Women in Paint™

Meet the Women Trailblazing the Industry Did you know that women make up only 10% of the building…

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