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Classico Limewash Fireplace

4 Ways to Paint Outdated Stone.

Homeowners are looking for ways to update their homes and painting stone can create curb appeal and tie all the elements together. The key is using the right type of paint and for masonry surfaces including stone, choose a mineral-based paint that allows the stone to breathe, won’t peel or flake, and is long-lasting.

Romabio  has four products that are perfect for stone and can be easily applied: Classico LimewashMasonry FlatLime Slurry, and Venetian Glaze. They are mineral-based and the sheen is flat, not shiny, and the finish will look natural keeping with the stone’s beauty.

Romabio finishes, let’s talk about the options.

#1 Classico Limewash

Our easy-to-use, one-coat authentic Classico Limewash is not only perfect for brick but made for any type of masonry product including stone. Just like with brick, your stone has to be unsealed and not painted (basically absorbent) in order to absorb the Classico Limewash and allow you to distress it however much or little you want.

The artistic flexibility of Classico Limewash is why it’s a favorite among top designers like HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod, and talented Romabio Preferred PROs like Carly Berger of Hunted Home Paint.

Check out this stunning Charleston, SC kitchen featured in Egypt and Mike’s winning Rock The Block home (watch Season 3 for more details). She used Classico Limewash in Avorio White to tone down the backsplash and add a sophisticated, authentic lime washed look to a river rock stone veneer that was a darker color than she expected. Her design choice gave the kitchen both a modern and unique look that wowed millions of HGTV viewers.

Carly of Hunted Home Paint is another designer and PRO who knows her way around stone. Based in Missouri, she is the first female Romabio Preferred PRO, a true artist who helps her customers with key design choices and the perfect application. Carly loves turning a busy and outdated exterior or loud stone fireplace into an architectural focal point. Romabio Classico Limewash is her go-to product for stone because it gives design flexibility, is easy to distress and allows the hue and texture of the original stone to show through.

Carly worked with the McDaniel family, winners of Romabio’s Exterior Makeover Giveaway, to select colors and finishes for their brick farmhouse. She used Classico Limewash in Avorio White to achieve a traditional, antique farmhouse aesthetic.

Carly Stone EntranceBesides PROs, there are designers, bloggers, and DIYers who have updated stone.  Becki Owens of @beckiowens in California made over dated stone and created an airy coastal vibe with Classico Limewash on the stone and Masonry Flat on the stucco. See the gorgeous transformation with befores and afters on her blog post. And there is Courtney of @athoughtfulplace who carefully documented her transformation of a grey stacked stone fireplace.

PRO Tip: Take the extra step to distress Classico Limewash after you paint it. For the interior, that means use a clean rag and a water spray bottle and rub off what you want to expose, and for the exterior, use a hose with a shower nozzle (not a power washer) to gently distress the stone. Then use a small brush, to paint back over any mortar lines for a clean and cohesive look.

Some homeowners are known to use Classico Limewash without distressing it to achieve a full coverage, opaque finish. If that is your goal, you’re much better off using Romabio Masonry Flat from the get-go.

#2 Masonry Flat

The most popular of our mineral-based Masonry paints is Masonry Flat, a two-coat process for full coverage and comes with a twenty-year warranty (when applied as directed). Like Classico Limewash, it is formulated for unsealed and unpainted stone with no use of an additional primer. However, since it is meant to have an opaque finish, it is also the perfect option if you have sealed or painted stone that needs a modern update. You just need to use Romabio MicroGrip Primer first.

#3 Lime Slurry

Another authentic slaked-lime paint great for Stone is Romabio Lime Slurry, a textured product that is in between a paint and a plaster.  As with our other products, it comes concentrated and is formulated for ease-of-use, full coverage, and has Romabio’s distinguished flat, European finish. Lime Slurry is beautiful and will create a soft and romantic look.

With Lime Slurry, you have almost unlimited ‘open time’ to work with the product. Unlike other brands, it’s formulated with high-quality slaked lime and requires a minimal amount of water to make the viscosity perfect for ease of use, over a long period of time. This gives you time to easily add up to three coats, stress-free, without worrying how long you are taking to use the paint.

Here is a beautiful example of Romabio Lime Slurry used to update the curb appeal of exterior stone, complimented by Classico Limewash on the brick. Trisha Spears of Trisha Spears Design chose this combination to achieve a modern, European farmhouse aesthetic. She specifically applied Lime Slurry to the stone for its flat, natural appearance that also adds texture that distinguishes the entryway from the brick.

#4 Venetian Glaze

For color shifting or a slightly distressed finish, we recommend our newest product that is in between a paint and plaster Venetian Glaze, an authentic slaked-lime paint that allows you to achieve a semi-transparent or veiling effect on interior/exterior stone. This product has two distinct uses and can be applied with a trowel on the interior for a plaster-like finish, but when used on interior/exterior stone it bonds and adheres to the surface extremely well making it a perfect lime glaze paint that can color shift your outdated stone. You have to heavily dilute it with water between 100% – 300% and then apply it with a masonry brush for a veiling effect. If you want to distress it, you’ll need to work quickly, within 10-20 minutes after application. In this video, we transformed this outdated exterior stone wall to a beautiful finish without losing any of the natural look of the stone.

Classico Limewash

Q & A with Romabio

Q: Is there a way to soften deep mortar lines?

A: Yes. You can pre-fill deep mortar lines in between stones with Romabio Marmorino GF, first. Create as flush a look as you’d like. Then choose your ideal Romabio Masonry Paint or Finish to go over the top of everything.

Q: Besides Romabio Lime Slurry, are there other textured paint options?

A: Yes, we also offer Masonry Textured, a durable, mineral-based textured paint that dries to a beautiful flat finish. Check out this blog post about our textured paint options.

Q: Where can I buy these Romabio finishes?

A: Romabio paints and finishes are available at select independent retailers and online. Visit our Store Locator to find a retailer near you, or order online at Amazon, Rings End (custom tinting available), Lowe’s and Home Depot.

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