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Partnerships Duos you cant miss

EXPO 2024 Highlight: Partnership Duos You Can’t Miss

With only 10 days until EXPO 2024, the PCA team is working hard to ensure all attendees have as much information regarding this record-breaking, historical event on our 140th year of industry excellence. Please read on for a glimpse at several of the remarkable speakers and panelists who will be joining us this year.

The Secrets to Selling

The Secrets To Selling $2M+ Annually

John Bryant, CEO and Co-Founder of PaintScout will be taking the stage alongside Michael Murray, Founder and President of Textbook Painting. Together, these men have managed to do the very thing so many individuals in the industry struggle with year after year; scaling for success to achieve financial freedom. Through their struggles, they have learned the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to how to grow your business. In the true spirit of the collaborative nature of the PCA community, they are passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge to help others achieve what they have. See their highly anticipated presentation on February 27th, at EXPO.

Four Stability Metrics

Four Stability Metrics – Achieving Financial Health

Another formidable duo to take the stage at EXPO; are Chet Funk and Erich Leidel of Aleph Holdings. Chet is one of the Co-Founders and the CEO of Aleph, the parent company of Paris Painting, and partner with 13 other painting companies nationally. Erich is a partner and the CFO at Aleph, where he oversees the financial health of the organization and its subsidiaries to ensure their ability to remain strong as an investment and trades-based company. These two foster stability and know finances like the back of their hand, and are sure to bring a host of incredible insider tips and tricks to unlocking the doors to a steady and lucrative business.

On the topic of duos, few partnerships rival the understanding between husband and wife. Join us for a panel discussion diving into navigating working with your spouse with 3 powerful business partners and couples in the industry. Chris Moore will moderate the panel with Maggie and Matt Kuyuper, Dani and Ryan Turry, and Christian and Angelina Millitello. This unique topic will offer valuable insight to anyone considering going into business with their spouse, as well as anyone who sometimes struggles to see eye to eye with their business partner. Learn from people with serious first-hand experience how to compromise, where to draw the line, and much, much more.

We cannot believe there are only 10 days until EXPO, and we are thrilled to inhale knowledge and exhale superstition, as we forge a path of excellence together with the help of the greatest minds in the trade. It is not too late to join the most compelling convention in the painting industry, get your tickets to EXPO 2024 HERE.

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