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The Super Bowl of the Painting Industry: PCA EXPO 2024

PCA Chairman of the Board and Painting Industry maverick, Nick Slavik has more wisdom regarding the trade than most. He shares this wisdom and insight weekly on his “Ask A Painter” livestreams, for which hundreds tune in to hear from him. Last week, Nick dedicated an entire episode to sharing details about EXPO next week and answering the burning questions of his viewers, attracting everyone from scholarship recipients to people who have no idea what PCA is to 5-time attendees! EXPO is what Nick refers to as the Super Bowl of the industry, acting as a one-stop shop for everything one could wish for. From cutting-edge technology being showcased at the largest trade show in EXPO history, thought provoking panels and speakers presenting fresh ideas, revamped tried and true concepts, and simple business strategies that have the potential to be life-changing, and a crowd favorite: the after parties.

The significance and impact that EXPO can have is difficult to articulate, as the sensation that envelopes an attendee as they walk through the doors on day 1 is an indescribable feeling of potential. The event serves as a hub for education, networking, and celebration within the industry. It’s not just about showcasing products and services but also about advancing standards and professionalization within the field. With one thousand painting and coatings professionals traveling from all over the globe, EXPO serves as an opportunity to combat the inherent loneliness of running a business in the trade. The opportunity to connect with and speak with a sounding board of hundreds of like-minded professionals is incredibly rare in the trade and is not something that should be considered lightly.

Scheduled from February 26 to March 1, 2024,  the Expo offers a comprehensive program spread across various activities. The first day kicks off with registration and evening receptions hosted by industry giant PPG, setting the tone for days filled with learning and networking. Throughout the event, attendees can choose from a multitude of educational sessions covering diverse topics such as business growth strategies, leadership development, estimating, marketing, and more. As the days go on, prepared to be inundated with enough knowledge to last a lifetime, from nearly 100 different speakers, topped off with nightly networking events hosted by Benjamin Morre, BEHR, and Sherwin Williams to decompress and further revel in the connections that will continue to strengthen for years to come. Speaker sessions feature renowned individuals who have a proven track record of success in their respective areas, offering insights and practical advice that can be applied directly to one’s business. Be sure to remember your notebook, because you will be looking back on these insights for decades, as Nick fondly recalls his first EXPO experience. EXPO 2024 culminates in a charity project called “Paint it Forward” on Friday, where contractors come together to contribute their skills towards a meaningful cause. This not only demonstrates the industry’s commitment to giving back but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among participants.

The Expo’s significance extends beyond just the event itself, as it catalyzes personal and professional growth. Attendees can take advantage of a world of information, technology, connection, and education and maximize the value of their investment. With a plethora of educational sessions, networking opportunities, and social events, the Expo promises to be a transformative experience for all involved. Whether it’s learning from industry experts, forging new connections, or contributing to charitable endeavors, the Expo offers something for everyone in the paint industry to look forward to.

Be sure to watch Nick Slavik’s “Ask A Painter” videos on PCA Overdrive, and always have your fingers on the pulse of the industry. We cannot wait to see you at EXPO this year, and make history.