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Can’t Miss EXPO Panel: Business Development, Estimating, and Brand Awareness.

Moderator: Juan Vasquez
Panelists: Effrain Medina, Jesse Ramos, Oscar Milan 
February 27th, 2024

This February, the PCA’s EXPO is coming to Orlando, Florida. In preparation for what is going to be a historical event for PCA, we are eager to share information regarding one of the many Panel Discussions. EXPO is known for its rich content from a host of Speakers, but a unique insight comes from Panels, with a collaborative aspect providing further insight into the matter at hand. PCA is proud to present the Spanish-speaking Panel Discussion, taking place on the second day of EXPO with an incredibly knowledgeable cast taking the stage for the Business Development, Estimating, and Brand Awareness Panel Discussion.

This Panel Discussion will be moderated by Juan Vasquez, an inspiring member of the Painting Community. Covering some of the most crucial aspects for Spanish Speaking Painting Contractors in the industry to be up to date on for success, this panel is sure to deliver!

Brand awareness is very important to have a good grasp on, in order to establish a strong brand presence and enable your company to stand out in a competitive market. It fosters a strong sense of trust and credibility between the contractor and the client, by making sure that potential clients recognize and remember your outstanding services. A well-established brand conveys a high level of integrity and confidence in your professionalism. This is one of the most important aspects of your company to be sure of what you are portraying, as it can be highly influential in potential customers’ decisions.

Client acquisition and retention are crucial in establishing oneself in the industry, and this is much easier to do with effective business development strategies in place. Once a steady flow of projects is set into motion, sustained success becomes more accessible. Building strong relationships with suppliers, clients, and other key players will also allow for further business development in a positive way, making every step along the way that much easier. An easy starting point for establishing a good relationship with others in the industry to increase brand awareness is to attend community events, such as PCA’s EXPO. Staying ahead of industry trends and technology is a great way to ensure your brand has the best reputation possible. Education is not linear, but it is continual!

The topics covered in the Spanish Speaking Business Development, Estimating, and Brand Awareness Panel Discussion are important for all contractors to know, especially Hispanic contractors. This information, delivered from other Spanish-speaking contractors, has the potential to make a huge impact on how you approach your brand growth in order to set yourself apart and establish a strong presence in the market. Get your tickets to EXPO 2024 before it is too late, and experience knowledge and education at the pinnacle event of the painting industry!

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