Award Winner: Martinson Painting LLC

Company Location: Milton, WA

When the Walters family sought to make their 1910 home look and feel like it did when it was featured in the 1913 issue of “Homes and Gardens of the pacific Coast” Martinson Painting received the winning bid. Jeremy Martinson said, “I felt confident that this was a job our company could exceed their expectations on and we were able to convey that message to the Walters during our meeting.” As the scope of the work grew 200%, having utilized PCA Standard P18 for change orders and relying on information gained from the original PCA P5, Martinson Painting remained true to the home owners’ desires and vision for the lakeside home. PCA P7 and P20 aided in the progression of work and in ensuring the final product was to the “like-new” condition desired by the Walters. Working with original Lath and Plaster, intricate mill work, original stain and varnished cabinets and banisters, Martinson Painting meticulously renewed room after room. Utilizing the original substrate and developing detailed action plans for every step of the way allowed the project to exceed the expectations of the customer. Through your exceptional planning, ongoing communication with the customer and you teams detail oriented work, you have received the 2017 PCA PIPP Award for Residential Restoration Interior. Congratulations Jeremy and the entire team at Martinson Painting!