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New Angle on Hiring

A New Angle on Hiring

If you’re like many business owners, hiring is intimidating to you. It takes a while to learn the skill and work the steps for bringing on new team members. In our recent conversation, Madeleine Macrae provided some insights on the hiring process.

  • You won’t be an expert at hiring until you’ve hired at least 100 people.
  • Make sure you are attracting the people you want to work at your company. Find people who fit the vibe of your organization.
  • Ask yourself if hiring someone is worth it for your time.
  • Follow the rule of three and never hire a person until you have at least three candidates you would actually hire.
  • Understand that new employees will show their personality when they first start. Pick up on their traits and don’t be scared to part ways if it’s not a good fit.
  • Your best potential employees likely have good jobs already. Find ways to bring them on your team.

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