Cash Flow Planning for a New Year

It’s time to talk about Cash Flow. This is turning out to be Cash Flow month at PCA, and we’re going to offer some podcasts and webinars on the topic so you start out the year right. Perhaps nothing is as basic or as problematic to business growth as cash flow. Seasonal changes, payment terms, and sudden growth can all stress cash planning and obscure the way forward to more growth. On this episode of PaintED, a little clarity around cash flow planning, courtesy of Benji Carlson at Breakthrough Academy. Benji talks with us about how cash flow is often confused with profit problems. Don’t blame the one on the other—they are totally different things! We also discuss common cash flow problems and ways to start getting a handle on the year’s finances.

The full webinar, “Cash Flow Planning for a New Year” with Benji Carlson will take place on January 23, 4 PM CT. Are you a PCA member? We have webinars and videos new every month that can help you with business topics like this. Learn more or register at

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