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Five Systems to Use in Your Business

Your business operates on a cycle, and there are five systems you should follow to make sure all processes keep moving. In this webinar, Fred Yarur introduces these steps and explains what you need to do to stay on track.

Customer Acquisition and Qualification

In this step, you are interacting and engaging with potential customers while building relationships. Through these new relationships you’ll be able to qualify new customers.


This is where your estimating strategies come in. You’ll meet with the potential customers and create a calculation based on the requested job.


In this step, you’ll be focused on sales. Monitor the estimates and opportunities you have available, and communicate with your customers to secure the job.


Once you’ve landed the job, it’s time to do the work. In this step, you should answer “who is doing the work, what work is being done, where the job is and when the job will be done.” Then, it’s time to complete the job.


Start by asking yourself, “Did we do what we promised on this project?” Then, determine if there is anything else you need to do to make your customer happy. It’s important to maintain a relationship with the customer and follow up after the job is complete to bring in future jobs and generate referrals.

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