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Get Out of the Day-To-Day

Many painting contractors find themselves doing day-to-day tasks, instead of focusing on business growth and strategic planning. In this webinar, Danny Kerr provides the three keys to creating successful operations and leaving the daily grind.

  1. Have a Crystal Clear Vision: You should always begin with the end in mind. Determine what your goals are and create a strategic plan for your business. Make sure you are managing your priorities to always stay on task with your vision.
  2. Build the Right Team: If you want to grow, you need to have great people working for your organization. Create a profile for your ideal employee candidate, then go find them.
  3. Build the System and Structure: Make sure you have systems in place for budgeting, job costing, sales and production. You should also define your organizational structure and the job of each staff member.

Listen to the webinar, “3 Keys to Getting Out of the Day-To-Day in Your Painting Business,” for more actionable items and tips for becoming the leader of your team.

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