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PaintCare Paint Recycling Made Easy

PaintCare Reduces Restrictions on Paint Recycling Initiative for Painting Contractors

Painting contractors, property managers, and others with large amounts of leftover architectural paint are eligible to receive a free pickup service from PaintCare! This service is called a large volume pickup (LVP) and is available to individuals with 100 gallons or more of paint. Learn more online here.

PaintCare is the nonprofit organization that plans and operates paint stewardship programs in states that pass paint stewardship laws. They provide convenient paint recycling to households and businesses through a network of over 1,800 drop-off sites across the country, making it easy to responsibly manage leftover paint.

PaintCare offers a large volume pickup (LVP) service to painting contractors, property managers, and others with 100 gallons or more of leftover architectural paint. PaintCare’s LVP service is available for free to contractors in PaintCare states, which include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia. A program is also being planned to start in New York in 2022.

To create more opportunities for households and businesses to get rid of leftover paint, PaintCare has reduced the minimum quantity required to receive an LVP from 200+ gallons to just 100. You are eligible to take part in this free service from PaintCare if you have 100 gallons or more of paint, measured by container size not liquid volume. Containers must be 5 gallons or less in size, in their original can and labeled correctly. PaintCare does not accept drums or bulked paint.

Ready to request your large volume pickup? Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Count the number of each container size and the type of products you have.
  2. Sort them into two categories: (1) water-based paints and stains, and (2) oil-based paint and stains and any other program products (sealers and clear top-coat products, such as varnish and shellac).
  3. Fill out the on PaintCare’s website or call to request your pickup.

For more information, please visit PaintCare.org or call their hotline at (855) PAINT09.