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Estimating like a boss

Put Together a Winning Bid

People don’t want the cheapest bid, they want the best bid. And after spending time with Bob Cusumano, you’ll be able to put together that winning bid with more precision and success.

 “Creating a good estimating system is key.” 

In this course, Cusumano will lead us through the five types of estimating methods, listing out the pros and cons of each. He includes the PCA-approved method and a breakdown of the steps to put it all together.

Join this webinar if you’re looking to:

  • Reduce time in compiling estimates
  • Increase your accuracy in the estimates submitted
  • Ensure your overhead and potential profits are factored in consistently each time
  • Increase success rate of your estimates – win or lose

This webinar is available now as part of your PCA membership or download the steps to start Estimating Like a Boss below.


DOWNLOAD: Estimating Like a Boss


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