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Day-to-day tasks can consume too much time when there is little or no automation. Countless cloud-based productivity tools are available to streamline and automate your tasks. These tools can usually be put into place with little disruption to your current practices. Ultimately, integrating new automation tools will increase productivity and help you make the most of your time. Learn the ins and outs of some of the top tech tools on the market in this webinar with Tom Droste.

“As a person in charge of picking out new technology, it’s really important to actually experience it,” says Tom.

Tom DrosteIn this webinar, Tom explains the benefits of integrating new technology and how to take action. He highlights the features of the following tools: Zapier, Slack, Zoom, Meistertask, Google Docs, YouCanBook.Me, YouTube and more.

This webinar is part of a two-segment series. PCA members can sign up here for the second segment on September 26.


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