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PCA Virtual Workshop: Create Your Map for Comprehensive Lead Generation

Virtual Workshop: Create Your Map for Comprehensive Lead Generation

Lead generation is the foundation for any profitable business. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Chris Moore, the CEO at Elite Business Advisors, to offer a two-session online workshop focused on creating a map for comprehensive lead generation.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Evaluate your current lead generation efforts.
  • Learn how to build a comprehensive lead generation map (leads map).
  • Learn how to identify and fill in gaps in your marketing efforts.
  • Understand the different lead generation methods you can use in your business.

As part of your registration, you’ll receive:

  • A Pre-Class Worksheet – As soon as you register, we’ll provide a worksheet to guide a self-evaluation of your current lead generation. This gives you an opportunity to understand where you are and where you want to be. In the first session, we’ll use this information to guide the conversation.
  • A Lead Generation Map – We’ll guide you in filling out and creating your own leads map. The Leads Map is in a mind-map format which helps you comprehensively visualize all the types of leads that you want to be sourcing. Worksheets with the Leads Map will help you determine where your strong/weak points are and what action steps need to be taken to secure more business.
  • A Quick Reference Guide – After the second session, you’ll have access to a reference worksheet with the key takeaways of the course. This will serve as a guide when you continue to enhance your lead generation process after the course concludes.

Session One

Tuesday, July 30 at 3 PM CT
In this session, you’ll learn what a leads map is and how to use it. Using your pre-class worksheet as a guide, we’ll cover different lead generation methods and ways to help you reach your goal. After this session, you’ll have all the tools needed to start building your leads map. Throughout the session, you are encouraged to ask questions and share your own experiences.

Session Two

Tuesday, August 6 at 3 PM CT
In the second session, you’ll work with the group to refine your customized lead generation plan. We’ll review the details of an effective leads map and guide the discussion to optimize your results. Once this session is complete, we’ll email you a copy of the quick reference guide.