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Talking with World Class Production Managers

World Class Production Managers

We recently sat down with three top production managers in the industry to get some insight about their roles and experience. In this webinar, Bill Curtindale of Skis Painting, Matt Orcino of SNL Painting and Bill Loepp of Shamrock Painting Inc. give us some top tips for hiring and training production managers.

Hiring Production Managers

When it’s time to hire a production/operations manager, take your time finding someone. Since they will be in a leadership position, they need to care about your company, motivate your employees and fit your overall culture.

Training Production Managers

Once a new production manager is in place, take the time to empower them in their new role. Watch them as they work to verify what they are doing fits in with your vision. In the beginning, you’ll have a lot of one-on-one sessions to train them and make sure they are working with the company values in mind. As time goes on, they will eventually become completely independent.

Supporting Production Managers

Providing support to your production/operations manager helps them excel in their role. With ongoing support and trust, they will have to confidence to provide new ideas to improve processes in your company.

Want to hear more? Check out the webinar to learn about the systems and solutions these top managers are using.

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