Business Accelerator

Professionalize and fast-track your growth.

Overcome the $500K - $1.5M ceiling.

For established painting business reaching the next level, PCA Business Accelerator is your strategic guide to break through the $1.5 million revenue mark and propel your success to new heights.

Curated by Subject Matter Experts (SME), this program goes beyond the basics, offering advanced modules and expert insights to elevate and professionalize your operations.

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience where industry leaders share proven strategies to minimize costly mistakes, optimize business growth, and provide personal experiences to shape your journey.

Engage in weekly video conferences with seasoned industry professionals, fostering peer-to-peer engagement that not only enhances your accountability, but also provides a platform for the exchange of invaluable experiences.

Subject Matter Experts

What's Included?

  • 7 weekly, one-hour cohort meetings

  • 6 sequential online modules

  • 48 videos

  • Downloadable resources

  • Discussions with experts

  • Completion certificate

Topics Covered

  • Business Owner Mindset

  • Vision, Values, Strategy

  • Finance

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Operations Sales & Marketing

  • Leadership

The seven-week course is $1,225*, and includes 1 year of free PCA Membership.

Your payment reserves your seat and is non-refundable.

Attendees will have access to their course materials indefinitely. To view available registration dates and times, visit registration page linked below. Dates and times may be adjusted – the course facilitator will communicate this information in advance.

*Existing PCA Members can log in to access special pricing on this course.

10 seats total per cohort.

First come, first serve.

Business Accelerator: In-Depth

Each week, there are three components:

  • Complete the weekly online course (length of time: roughly 60 minutes) - done on your own
  • Complete action items from the course (length of time: roughly 60 minutes) - done on your own
  • Attend the weekly cohort zoom meeting, in which you meet and have a Q&A session with one of the experts featured on that week’s course (length of time: 60 minutes)

There’s a one hour commitment for each class. We start with a brief introduction and recap of the topics from that week (~10 minutes); the group then debriefs on key learning points from the course, and challenges they are currently facing in that topic area (roughly 20 minutes). This is followed by the assigned expert joining the group, and sharing their perspective on some of the challenges that the group has expressed during the debrief; this portion also includes a Q&A session, and lasts approximately 30 minutes. 

In the chance that someone is unable to attend a live group meeting, the weekly meetings are recorded just in case. However, we encourage the person registered for the course to take full advantage through active participation and attendance, to get the most out of the course.

Each course has 5-7 segments which feature a subject matter expert on the topic. Occasionally, an expert will include a downloadable resources associated with their topic which will help on implementation of action items for that topic. These can include references, checklists, templates, and more.

The lead instructor for this course is Max Olson, who will be assisted by the current moderator of the panel. Each week includes a different expert that joins the discussion and allows the group (you) to be able to discuss key challenges with them. These experts range from painting business owners who have been through the journey of professionalizing and scaling their business, leaders of coaching companies such as Elite Business Advisors, Consulting 4 Contractors, or Breakthrough Academy, and others who are leaders of financial and/or marketing companies in the trades.

Though targeted towards companies generating $0-$500K in yearly revenue, Business Foundation is a good fit for anyone within the $0-$750K range, while Business Accelerator is great for anyone within the $500K-$2M range (and even for business generating $2M-$3M but growing). Note the overlap between Business Foundation and Accelerator ranges — the perfect course for you really does depend on your business. If the business is growing and the owner has some business background, Business Accelerator could be a good fit for you. But if you’re in that range, and have been stuck there for a few years, and perhaps the owner’s business background isn’t very extensive, Business Foundation would be a better fit for you. 

That being said, there’s not much downside to starting with Business Foundation first if you believe you might be stuck between the two course options.


We extend our gratitude to Sherwin-Williams, exclusive supporter of PCA Business Training.