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Paintergrowth.com is the only guaranteed way to scale your painting company.

We have helped hundreds of painting contractors get more leads and sales, hire more painters, make more money, and create a business they can be proud of. Whether you’re just starting your business and want to accelerate your growth, or already doing 7-figures and just need that missing piece to get your business to the next level, Paintergrowth.com is here to give you all the tools, resources, coaching and support you need to scale your painting business and help you achieve your business (and financial) goals.

Paintergrowth.com provides:

  • Over a dozen common-sense methods for generating your own residential and commercial leads.
  • A fool-proof system to help you close more of the estimates that you do.
  • A step-by-step system to finding, recruiting and retaining rockstar talent.
  • Training on using and implementing systems into your business, to get you out of the day to day.
  • Financial tools to increase your profitability and reduce your stress.

To learn more about what we do and to see if we can help you grow your painting company in a guaranteed way, please visit our website, www.paintergrowth.com.

For all PCA members, we’ve put together a free package of extremely valuable tools, spreadsheets and resources for you to start using in your business today.