Award Winner: Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors

Company Location: Patterson, NJ

The client was at the start of the process to upgrade this dated warehouse into an office headquarters when he reached out to Alpine Painting. The owner was very conscious and particular in his vision, which ultimately drove product selections. The planning process proved that thorough documentation would be important in protecting the painting contractor from frequent revisions to the client’s ultimate vision. Challenges arose when the client wanted to keep the industrial look of the columns – a rusting orange-brown – protected by a clear coat. Each column would have a clean break from the white painted surface to a clear epoxy, creating a unique look meant to capture visitors’ interest as they walked in the space. Before painting could begin, Alpine’s crew leaders worked with other onsite laborers to clean the ceiling of its film of rust. In some areas, the ceiling neared 25 feet tall. The crew needed to work on specialized electric scissor lifts. The project turned out simply beautiful. The end results turned an old warehouse into a state-of-the-art office facility. The project was completed to the owner’s satisfaction. There were many meetings and unexpected turns along the way, but Alpine proved to be resilient as they completed the job with excellence. Congratulations to Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors, your work has earned you the 2018 PCA PIPP Award for Commercial Restoration Interior.

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Commercial Restoration Interior 2018 Award