Award Winner: Postupak Painting Co.

Company Location: Wilkes Barre, PA

Postupak Painting Co. Inc. had more to worry about than just proper prep and finishing of four (4) natural gas well pads when they took on PGE Tract 322; a pipeline and compressor station. The four gas well pads were live and contained an average of 1800 lbs. of pressure. Fire safety was a major concern for the paint operation and a heightened sense of alter by everyone to look out for rattlesnakes, requiring an additional level of safety and skill for all involved. Most of the piping on the pads consists of new black pipe. Other areas on the pad had existing coatings that varied from 1-4 years. Standard PCA P14 was used to define the surface prep which was sandblasted to a sp-10 near white. Protecting the gauges, liners and sensors for the gas site. To complete the project, each of four (4), pipes would need to be prepped and repainted. PCA standards, P10 Measuring surfaces for estimating and bidding was used to calculate the square footage of steel on the project. P13 was used to determine and document the dry film finish after each application of coating and P20, close out the project. Postupak Painting Co., Inc.’s your careful eye and dedication has elevated your project to an award-winning one. Congratulations on a job well done, and for winning the 2017 PCA PIPP Award for Industrial Exterior!