Award Winner: H J Holtz & Son Inc.

Company Location: Richmond, VA

This magnificent room began as standard semi-gloss white wall with painted brick fireplace and bookcases anchored by a large frame window. H J Holtz and Sons was asked to perform their magic and create a faux Brazilian walnut panel finish throughout the space. Throughout the space, multi-layers of a variety of gel stains where used to created knots, grains, lines and beveled to create the impression of walnut. The challenge was having five craftsmen working consecutively in different sections, each with their own interpretation, factoring setup dry times of 24 hours all while creating a cohesive flow. PCA Standards played a significant role providing instrumental guidelines used for professional completion of the finished product and were an invaluable tool. After executing the Brazilian walnut wood work with precision, additional work was awarded on other sites. Congratulations to H J Holtz and Sons, Inc., your stunning faux finishes earned you the 2017 PCA PIPP Award for Residential Decorative.