Award Winner: Faux Time Design

Faux Time Design found themselves inside a breathtaking 11,000 square foot Mediterranean Contemporary home of an avid collector and world traveler. Each room was modeled after a particular era or style of a country she had toured. The custom wall and ceiling finishes were done for an Art Deco music room eclectic English living room, Modern Aztec entry, an abstract ‘Expressionist” inspired kitchen and lined the walls of connecting hallways with mid-century patterns. Before Faux Time Design began applying decorative finishes, each surface needed to be skim coated, primed and repainted by the house painter employed by the client. Standard P4 was important in order to achieve quality of appearance and inspection. The enormous ceilings that ran from the foyer entry, through an adjoining long hall ad into the music room, were one of the biggest challenges faced. The client insisted that Faux Time Design apply one of their signature ceiling designs that coordinated with the wall finishes. The finish is multi-layered and features several colors from the Modern Masters metallic collection as well as various gold and variegated color foils. The use of PCA Standards helped establish integrity and reliability between Faux Time Design and the client. The client was extremely thrilled with the outcome of the project and quickly recommended Faux Time Design to friends and family in which several contracts for new projects were established. Congratulations to Faux Time Design contractors, your work has earned you the 2018 PCA PIPP Award for Residential Decorative.

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Residential Decorative 2018 Award