Award Winner: Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration

Company Location: New Prague, MN

Take a late 1800’s foreclosed farmhouse, lots of open pasture land, an equestrian loving couple returning to Minnesota from California and you get a dream recipe for Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration. The homeowners intended to save every part of the farmhouse possible and could find no other contractor with the level of commitment and knowledge to deliver their vision for their home. Nick said, “A project like this is the reason I’ve worked so hard over the last two decades” and the home owners agreed. Emphasizing safety by conducting onsite safety training for this project, coupled with apprentices with a heart for restoration, contributed to the ahead of schedule and under budget completion of the project. Saving the siding was a key consideration in the approach taken by Nick and his team. The exterior took washing, scraping, sanding, priming, caulk and two topcoats by hand to get the desired results. The customer agreed that the value of saving this critical part of the home was worth the additional effort. Having a truck full of tool boxes dedicated to old-world restoration, Nick Slavik and his team transformed this fix-er-upper into a one of a kind restored property. Congratulations to Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. Your diligence has awarded you the 2017 PCA PIPP Award for Residential Restoration Exterior