Award Winner: Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co.

Nick Slavik Painting is no stranger to historic renovations. Due to the positive reputation they have in the area, this new client trusted them with the restoration of this brick Victorian mansion that was built in the late 1800s. An in-depth restoration as needed to prolong the life of the home and maintain its integrity. Proper preparation procedures were followed to prevent contamination of the property and to ensure the safety of homeowners, neighbors, and the workers. Old paint was removed, masonry surfaces were conditioned and primed, and rot was removed, stabilized, consolidated, filled, primed and painted to create a surface conducive to stopping water infiltration. The brick was hand-finished using the latest acrylic elastomeric coatings. The Porch floor was stripped, sanded, primed, sealed and enameled. The porch structure was prepped, smoothed, primed and triple top coated for longevity. Historic windows, brickwork and addition details were given detailed attention to give them a new lease on life. The project was completed ahead of time and slightly below budget. Building trust with this client was of utmost importance. The owner sought out the home for its aesthetics and view it as an extension of themselves – something for the public to see and understand them by. The client was extremely pleased with not only the craftsmanship but with all of the thoughtful apprentices that saw their project throught. Congratulations to Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration, your work has earned you the 2018 PCA PIPP Award for Residential Restoration Exterior.

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Residential Restoration Exterior 2018 Award