APC and PCA at EXPO!

On this episode of PaintED…oh, my…what do I say about this one…you just have to listen. It’s a conversation with Andrew Dwyer and Emily Howard of APC magazine—the American Painting Contractor magazine—who is our industry magazine partner, and we talk about all things EXPO. I literally just got off the podcast recording with them, and let me tell you…wow…this is a fun bunch and we definitely got a little rambunctious on this one. But how can we not have fun when we talking about seeing everyone at EXPO and experiencing some of the awesome things we have planned? We also hear about the latest issue of APC mag which will be available at the EXPO, so…that’s cool. Andrew and Emily will be helping moderate some of the panel discussions at the EXPO and of course, you can find them at their booth at the Trade Show, so don’t forget to connect with them. There is an outstanding invitation from Andrew to connect you with other people in the industry that can help you move forward in your business, so take him up on that?

You really need to register for the EXPO at PCApaintED.org. It really is a good bunch of people that show up.

You also really need to subscribe to APC Magazine if you’re not already. Subscribe paintmag.com.