Becoming a Voice in the Industry

On this episode of PaintED, Chris Shank, the Education Director, and Heather Yocum, the Content Manager, of PCA discuss ways people can become involved in amplifying PCA’s voice in the industry. We are looking for business owners from residential, commercial and industrial segments of the industry to tell their stories and share their expertise with contractors all over the world. We can reshare your pictures and stories in the form of social media posts or blogs, or you can become a specialist on the Ask-A-Peer network to assist other contractors with their questions and projects, or you could be a guest on this very podcast! From something as simple as sharing a picture, to something as rewarding as submitting a Team Meeting outline or even volunteering on a leadership committee, we have ways for you to build on your pride and passion as a leader in the industry and connect with other people like you who will challenge you to get to the next level in your business.

Let us know you’re interested, and we’ll help you find your calling at the Painting Contractors Association. We’re pretty serious about this, and we’re good at it.