Health Insurance/Retirement Plans for Companies and Employees

On this episode of PaintED, Steve Skodak, PCA’s Executive Director, and Eric Frazer from Decisely talk with us about an exciting prospect that is starting to take shape for painting contractors AND their employees: affordable health insurance (including medical, dental and vision coverage) and retirement plans. The debate between offering employees cash incentives versus mediocre benefits has only blazed brighter in the last few years, but the conversation is taking a turn with the advent of better, more cost-effective benefits on the horizon. This is the first time in PCA history that we have come so close to providing painting business owners with the means to offer their employees an outstanding, competitive option for benefits, and this will enable employers to attract quality new-hires by offering them a future.

Our partner in this project is Decisely, a company that has expertise in benefits brokerage and HR services. Our goal is to have these benefits available in late 2019.

Phase 1 of the project included a survey that identified an overwhelming interest from painting contractors in collective benefits sourcing.

We’re now in phase 2, and we need your help. This phase includes gathering census data on 1,500 employees to help underwriters determine how best to approach our industry. You can help by submitting data about your business and your employees.