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Business Anatomy: Investing in Training

Painting contractors have powerful stories fueled by ambition and drive. These stories inspire and help other business owners connect to companies outside of their own, but they also challenge all of us to go deeper and further develop our own personal mission.

Member spotlights are nothing new at PCA, but we are taking a new approach to showcase our people in a docu-series called Business Anatomy. Told through relatable, personal accounts, each episode features a different contractor and has unique educational themes to encourage other business owners.

While filming the Trade Best Practice Series, PCA got unprecedented access inside several businesses, and as a team, we were inspired to develop more content to raise the profile of the contractor within the industry and beyond. And thus, Business Anatomy was born.

During our filming, we get the chance to spend time getting to know contractors and see how passionate they are about business. We capture their stories and accurately represent them in the final video.

Our first Business Anatomy episode features Chad Jeffries of Brick City Painting & Drywall in Mexico, MO. We decided to highlight them first because they have won numerous industry awards and are doing some amazing work. The episode starts with a brief personal and company background before a deep dive into how Brick City created their training program and the results of that investment. Inside their basket of training resources, Brick City uses the Trade Best Practice Series, which is used to onboard new hires. Besides Jeffries, three other employees discuss how the combination of training and personal drive helped them advance within the company.

Our goal is to raise the respect for our industry, and this series helps us do that in a powerful way. PCA members are dedicated to continuous business improvement. If your business is ready for the big screen, contact Chad, our Video Production Manager, at cschirmer@PCApaintED.org or call us at 1-800-332-7322.