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Using Warranties to close sales and protect profits

Close Sales and Protect Profits with Warranties

When it comes to guaranteeing your work, warranties can be put into place to make sure your customers are satisfied. This is a way you can build trust and stand behind the work you do. In a recent PaintED podcast, Randy Fornoff of MTS Painting shares his insight for including an effective warranty for your customers. 

When getting started with warranties, you can take advantage of manufacturer warranties. This will cover the materials you used on the job. It’s beneficial to form a relationship with your manufacturer and connect with them any time paint isn’t performing how it should. 

Next, you can build upon what the manufacturer offers by creating a customized warranty for your company. This can include the cost of labor to fix any problems customers face, including extreme fading. Randy generally offers a seven-year standard warranty for exterior projects and a two-year warranty for interior work. 

Finally, when you have your warranties in place, set your business apart by letting your customers know your work comes with a promise. This proves you are doing quality work and backing it with added protection for the consumer. 

Tune in to the podcast to hear more about the process of creating warranties and how you can use them to boost your sales.